What are my Customization Options?


More than 85% of the furniture on our site is 100% made-to-order from our 24'000 sq ft showroom and factory in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  



Because the furniture we sell is made-to-order and most pieces are available with a wide array of customization options - from size, color of wood finish, table top style and material consisting of marble, granite or glass, inset gold tooled leather top, and choice of fabric. Working with you to create just the right piece for you and your home is our specialty. Our helpful design team will be more than happy to walk you through the many options available


What is the estimated turnaround time for quality furniture?


We production begins once an order is placed. The process takes about 8 to 12 weeks and about 6 months on special orders.  Our customers feel that the quality is well worth the wait.






Helpful tips:


• Keep away from excess moisture – like all wood products, mahogany can be negatively affected     by excessive moisture. If you use water to clean a mahogany surface, use only a damp cloth, not a wet one. Follow up with a dry cloth immediately.

• To maintain the look of your mahogany furniture, protect your mahogany furniture from direct exposure to sunlight.


• Mahogany wood is prone to expansion and contraction when the humidity levels fall and rise. In the winter, use a humidifier to prevent drying out of the wood and subsequent contraction. This is even more essential if you use heaters indoors in the winter.


• If a floral arrangement is in use, place it on a coaster, never directly onto the furniture’s wooden surface.


• If a spillage of water, alcohol or perfume occurs, wipe off the wooden surface immediately. Do not allow it to stand.


The wood finish samples shown are reproduced as close as possible to the actual finishes. However, variations may be expected due to color process printing, natural wood color, grain characteristics and each piece of our furniture is finished by hand, and individual pieces of wood vary in their reaction to the application of stain, finish and protectective coating.